Sources and Acknowledgements

I’ve gotten the request of putting up some of the resources and references I use in putting together my posts. To be honest a lot of it is stuff I’ve picked up from over the years as well as my own observations and analysis that comes from studying the person’s work. However I still owe alot to a few key sources that have been essential in putting together my posts as well as getting me inspiration to do this project in the first place:

– The Illusion of Life by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston

– Hollywood Cartoons by Michael Barrier

-Of Mice and Magic by Leonard Maltin

– Enchanted Drawings by Charles Soloman

– Disney Animation Archives: Animation

– Animation Podcast interviews

– TAG interviews

– A Film LA

– Deja View

– Creative Talent Network

Here are some of the sources I used for specific honorees:

–  A Letter from Dick Lundy to Mark Mayerson

– Sergio Pablos interview

– An amazing reel of Alex Kupershmidt’s work

– Alex K talking about the Hyenas in Lion King

– An Interview with Randy Haycock and Bruce W. Smith

– Another interview with Randy Haycock

– Ken Duncan’s tie-down pass on Jane.

– An essay on George Goepper.

– Floyd Norman’s experiences with Milt Kahl and Stan Green.

– The amazing Drawn to Life series that is a compilation of the brilliant Walt Stanchfield lectures.

– Some of Dale Oliver’s wartime cartoons.

– Edmonds Studios website.

– Tom Bancroft’s blog.

-Tom Bancroft interview.

– Tony Bancroft website.

-Tony Bancroft interview.

– Cliff Nordberg tribute.

– Aaron Blaise interview.

-Aaron Blaise and Robert Walker interview.

– Raul Aguirre’s experiences with Mike Surrey.

– Ellen Woodbury interview.

-Ellen Woodbury biography.

– Tony Fucile Interview.

– Bill Justice tribute.

-Bill Justice obituary.

– Bill Justice on Snow White wrap party.

– Will Finn’s great two-part post  on his involvement on Little Mermaid.

– Will Finn’s story of breaking into the business.

– James Baxter interview.,-7645

– Links to lots of great stuff related to James Baxter.

– Tony de Rosa’s website and portfolio.

– Dave Pruiksma biography.

– Dave Pruiksma interview.

– Jim Korkis’s essay on the life of Ub Iwerks.

– Pete Docter’s essay on John Sibley.

– Character Animation Crash Course by Eric Goldberg.

– Eric Goldberg Interview.

– A conversation with Eric Goldberg.

– Nik Ranieri Interview.

– The Les Clark section in The Nine Old Men and the Art of Animation by John Canemaker.

– Ruben Aquino interview.

At this time I’d like to thank the following people  who in some way answered important questions related to the posts, helped me understand the art, style, personality, working method, and/or influence of at least one(in many cases several) of honorees( and future honorees), and helped increase my understand as well as my passion for animation:

Roger Allers, Steve Anderson, Ruben Aquino, Debbie Armstrong, Rasoul Azadani, Dale Baer, Tom Bancroft, Tony Bancroft Michael Barrier, Richard Bazley, Nancy Beiman, Aaron Blaise, Travis Blaise, Rejean Bourdages, Hendel Butoy, Jim Capobianco,Michael Cedeno, Brenda Chapman,Ron Clements, Sandro Cleuzo, Rob Conerly, Andreas Deja, Pete Docter, Russ Edmonds, Will Finn, Andy Gaskill,Ed Ghertner, Jean Gilmore,Eric and Susan Goldberg, Ed Gombert, Milt Gray, Don, Hahn, Dan Hansen,Randy Haycock, Mark Henn, T. Dan Hofstedt, Steve Hulett, Broose Johnson, Claire Keane, Jim Korkis, Alex Kupershmidt, Jeff Kurtti, James Lopez, Leonard Maltin, Duncan Marjoribanks, Iain Marjoribanks, Burny Mattinson, John Musker, David Nethery, Sue Nichols, Floyd Norman, Mike Pereza, Bill Perkins, Phil Phillipson, John Pomeroy, Ben Price, Ruben Procopio, David Pruiksma, Nik and Jenifer Ranieri, Mike Show, Tom Sito,Bruce Smith, David Stephan, Mike Surrey, Barry Temple, Ted Thomas, Peter Tytla, Bill Waldman,Tim Walker, Eric Walls, Andreas Wessel-Therhorn, and Ellen Woodbury.

Hope you guys check out the resources and learn some more about the great Disney Animators! And thanks again to everyone who in some way helped me out on this!

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