A Week Off

Just to let everyone know there won’t be a new post next week since I’ll be out of ton in Los Angeles for the CTN Expo. I’m also going to be looking at some colleges to possibly attend, looking at a few studios, and meeting up with some people in the industry(including a few honorees!) I’m really excited for this and hope it’s a great learning  and inspiring experience. I’ve got so much to learn and so much more to understand so it’s amazing to me that at only 16 I get to go on this trip.  I hope all of you are doing well and yes the posts will resume in 2 weeks to complete our countdown.

All the best,

Grayson Ponti

One Response to “A Week Off”

  1. Hey Grayson,

    Sorry I missed you – was sick all week. Next time you’re in town let me know. All the best.


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