A Few Changes To Be Aware Of

Dear Animation Fans Everywhere,

I have no published posts on my picks for 31-50 on the countdown and I’m amazed to say that the blog has exceeded 5,000 views. I never dreamt that my blog woudl attract so many people and am humbled by it. I can tell you even a few of the honorees have read my posts on them and have told me they’re very flattered as well as pleased.  However I feel obligated to continue to make my posts better and to the highest quality possible.  To ensure this as well as to keep a consistency to the blog I’ve decided to unstrictly only put up a new post once a week from this point on. There will be exceptions but I think that frequency is the best way to balance consistency with quality in my posts. I will try to establish Friday as my post day when possible. I expect to get to the top spot by mid-December.  Don’t be disappointed though because this amount of time will allow me to do much  more in-depth research in the posts as well as deeper analysis of the animator’s artistry, impact, and career. The main new thing is I will actually study scenes in the Disney films specifically for the purpose of this blog. I will also do more research in my library of animation books (most of it so far is internet research) and will also look at interviews with other animators and artists regarding the subject person.  The next post will come out this Friday and I can tell you it’s a very fun, interesting honoree. Thank you for reading my blog and for the feedback you’ve given me.  I promise to continue to attempt to make these posts as resourceful as possible and to try to make these posts as entertaining and interesting to all animation fans everywhere.


Grayson Ponti

4 Responses to “A Few Changes To Be Aware Of”

  1. Bill Tytla
    Tony Fucile
    James Baxter
    Tex Avery
    Milt Kahl
    Ken Harris
    John Lounsberry
    Eric Goldberg
    John Hubley
    Phil Harris

  2. John Hubley was a Disney animator, why would he be ineligible?

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