42. Randy Haycock


   Randy Haycock is one of the best animators at the Disney Studios today and has worked there since assisting Glen Keane on Aladdin after he came to the studio in 1991. He is from Colorado and went to BYU in Utah. Haycock is great at animating the human figure and some of his humans are among the liveliest the studio has ever done. He first started supervising on Hercules where he animated the younger scenes of the title character. This would be followed by Clayton in Tarzan, Princess Kida in Atlantis, many characters in Meet the Robinsons, Prince Naveen in the Princess and the Frog, and most recently Eeyore in the upcoming Winnie the Pooh movie. Haycock is a master of animating sincere characters and animation acting Disney style. He is currently still animating at the Disney Studio.


     Randy Haycock’s strongest asset is his great skill in character acting. “It’s not so much about drawings that move but drawings that move the audience,” said Haycock in an interview. “We consider ourselves actors with pencils.” He is fantastic at using body posture and gestures to convey what the character is feeling and what their personality is. Animation like this is the most fulfilling to watch because you can’t truly enjoy it without watching it. Randy uses these gestures and movements with great clarity and works hard to make them communicate. Doesn’t this sound a lot like what a great live-action actor should do? Like his mentor Glen Keane if you pay attention you’ll notice that Haycock uses hair to reflect the character’s inner feelings and struggles. Study any of his characters and try to see how the hair reflects the character. The liveliness in his animation makes him well suited for human characters, which by many animators are treated very stiffly and not with great fun. If you study Haycock’s animation you’ll notice his characters have very fluid movements and show great life. His sincerity and passion for what he does also make his animation very high quality.


     Randy Haycock’s impact comes in the fact that he is one of the best animators in studio history at human male characters. Even old masters like Milt Kahl had great difficulty taking away the stiffness and realism of the princes. Not only did the move very stiffly but they also were very boring. Thanks to Randy Haycock along with his contemporaries Glen Keane, Andreas Deja, and Matthew O’Callaghan the curse seems to be wearing off on straightly conceived male characters. It is often a lot harder to animate Prince charming and less fun to do than animating Captain Hook, Cruella De vill, Dopey, Ursula, and Sebastian the crab. Also Haycock’s great use of gestures to communicate and acting skills also makes him one of the best in his generation.


     What inspires me about Randy Haycock is his skills at character acting and communicating through a gesture. Like I said earlier he is one of the all time masters in those areas. Also his passion and sincerity is very inspirational to me. Someday I want to be able to animate lively, sincere characters that actually have a personality and feelings. Studying the work of animators like Haycock is a key way for me to work at achieving that seemingly impossible dream that someday I really want to accomplish. Last this work taught me to be believable but not too realistic when drawing the human figure, to use clear expressive poses, and to use design to reflect aspects of character. Thank you Randy Haycock for the great work!

Haycock’s Work

Aladdin- Assistant Animator on Aladdin

Lion King- Animator on Adult Simba

Pocahontas- Animator on Pocahontas

Hercules- Supervising Animator on Young Hercules

Tarzan- Supervising Animator on Clayton

Atlantis- Supervising Animator on Princess Kida

Treasure Planet- Animator on Jim Hawkins

Chicken Little- Animator

Meet the Robinsons- Supervising Animator on Franny, Fritz, Pentunia, Laszlo, and Tallulah

Princess and the Frog- Supervising Animator on Prince Naveen

Winnie the Pooh- Supervising Animator on Eeyore

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